Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Toronto Star article on the effect of Trump's immigration policies on Canadians quotes Matthew Borowski

Trump is making it harder for Canadians to legally immigrate to the U.S., lawyers say

Toronto Star journalist Daniel Dale writes that Canadians trying to move to the United States are regularly facing more paperwork, tougher scrutiny and longer waiting times than Canadians did before Donald Trump became president, immigration lawyers in both countries say.

The article quotes Buffalo Immigration Lawyer Matthew Borowski on his views of the Trump administration's recent policy changes, which include forbidding immigration lawyers from accompanying their clients at the port of entry when applying for visas and waivers.

The article states that "On the whole, Canadians are still in a better position to immigrate than residents of any other country. But advocates of cross-border mobility say the Trump-era changes are irrational and overly burdensome when applied to educated, law-abiding applicants from a low-risk neighbour, needlessly harming U.S. companies and families."

“It damages the U.S. economy and it damages the U.S. bilateral relations with our closest neighbours,” said Buffalo and Toronto lawyer Matthew Borowski.

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