Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Borowski Law Featured in Esquire Magazine Article on Captain Aminyar's Asylum Case

The Fight of His Life - Esquire Magazine

Esquire Magazine has published a detailed article following the chronicle of Noorullah Aminyar, the Afghan army captain who is seeking asylum in the United States and is being represented by Borowski Immigration Law.

From the article:

The first time Captain Noorullah Aminyar traveled to the United States, in 2012, he felt calm and peaceful in a way he never had before. Back home in Afghanistan, he had slept fully clothed, boots on, hand on his rifle. The Taliban attacked every night, and he had to be ready. "But when I come to America," he told me, "I have no stress in America. I sleep good. I tell you, I have no stress. It was really easy. It was a good thing. You feel safe. I was born in the war. I grew up in the war. Always, your life is in danger. You find a little safe time, for sure you'll be happy."

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